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Dukyan Meloman is your reliable music supplier in Sofia / Bulgaria

Dukyan Meloman is the oldest record shop in Sofia, since 1994. We are offering the best selection of in-stock titles on

vinyl records (LP) and compact discs (CD)

thousands of in-stock items, new and second hand. We are also offering

mail-order by catalog

of practically all internationally distributed releases out of a catalog containing almost a million of references on any music carrier. Search, find and order anything!

Dukyan Meloman distributes several independent labels in the field of Jazz and Contemporary music, such as ACT, ECM, Telarc, Mac Avenue, Wagram, World Circuit and Stockfisch . There is also a selection of audiophile records, of such labels as Analogue Productions, Pure Pleasure, Speakers Corner,

If you are looking to buy a new turntable, we are offering free advise, competitive price and a gift! There are more than 10 models available in-stock by

Audio-Technica and Pro-Ject.

With us you can also have a unique

custom record cut

produced by our German-made record lathe!

In our shop you may listen to any record and chat about your favorite music with the staff. There is no better way to have a stylish present for yourself and your dear ones!